Behind the Scene: 3D Rendering to Increase Click-thru for Product Listings of a Skincare brand

Saad Irfan

Lead Artist

Iffy Khan

Media Manager


SmartrSkin, an e-commerce brand selling high-quality skincare products across the USA, received customer complaints on the quality of their Jade Roller. Dr. Umair Elahi, CEO of SmartrSkin, being truly loyal to his customer base, decided to go on a hunt to find the best Jade Roller manufacturers (a fascinating tale for another time). Once the new & beautiful Jade Rollers were procured, it was time to market them with graphics equally as beautiful.

SmartrSkin tasked us with making photo-realistic 3D renders and marketing graphics for their new batch of Jade Rollers. The objective was to increase conversion on their upcoming Amazon and Shopify marketing campaigns.

Planning & Execution:

We needed to visually standout and increase engagement. We took guidelines from SmartrSkin team and inspiration from popular designs to come up with a clear list of objectives for A/B Testing. Our team created a beautiful 3D model of the jade roller and its packaging based on the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer.

It was then time to render different variation sets for A/B Testing of the product listing. Each variation set contained a thumbnail, banner and 7-10 product education images.


The marketing team started A/B testing on Amazon and Facebook, comparing the popularity of the Jade Roller listing using several image variations. SmartrSkin saw greater ROIs for the listings with the new 3D designs, and picked one which gave them a 25% lift in online conversation, and 2-3x more engagement and product page dwell time.

Technology has evolved so much in recent years and 3D rendering provides a real big advantage (over traditional photographs) because of how fast you can get new variations during marketing campaigns to increase ROI. After seeing such impactful results, SmartrSkin continued to enhance other product listings in 3D including their most selling item, Vitamin C serum and Derma Roller.

Our 3D graphics must portray an accurate depiction of the physical product, otherwise the end user will not be satisfied. In SmartrSkin’s case, customers received exactly what they expected because the new Jade Rollers are truly as beautiful as shown on the product listing.

“Product does as intended and is as described. The pieces are as described. Good quality for the price. The roller is very sturdy. Very cooling and relaxing experience.”

Review by Brittney on Amazon (USA) – August 8, 2020

“Pleasantly surprised. The roller arrived earlier than I expected. Was exactly as described. Would purchase from this seller again.”

Review by a reading teacher on Amazon (USA) – August 5, 2020

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